So in my family our babies are practically bald so when a baby comes to me with a full head of hair I swoon like a school girl over glitter. I just can't help it. Especially when it's dark. I just want to smell it and cuddle with it and pretend it's mine just for a moment. Don't get me wrong I loved my almost bald baby. In fact for my family he had a full head of hair, Which just meant you could actually see that he had some. Now after a year and no cutting it has turned blonde and sticks out all over like a little fuzzball after naps. It's adorable too. But a head of dark hair definitely has it's charm and this girl has got it, as well as melty brown eyes.

Oh and did I mention those melty eyes, yep I did don't you agree. They are bright, wide and beautiful I can't wait to watch this girl grow up she's going to be adorable. :)

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