Print your images, Please

I recently ran across an article about the importance of printing off images and in case I haven't mentioned it enough or at all I'm going to say it again.  PRINT OFF YOUR IMAGES! I know you have them on your computer, saved on a cloud, posted to facebook but here's the deal, you don't look at them.  Well unless you are not like me at all and spend hours pulling up your favorite files and reminisce about the family vacation, the wedding, the new baby....I'm just saying for me they get filed away in some dark hole of my computer and forgotten.  Yes I know prints can do the same thing they sit in some dusty pile but really when was the last time you deep cleaned your computer files vs the last time you moved the stack of papers on your dresser. Even forgotten prints they are more likely to be than well filed digital files.  Better yet design a photo book, even better hire me to design one for you, either way just get those beautiful memories off your computer and onto something you can touch remember and cherish.  

I even once heard this horror story about a couple who had their wedding images on a disc they hadn't touched for ten years and when then finally did it was the wrong images on the disc.  Yes really they didn't look at their wedding pictures in the ten years of marriage.  The other tragedy is that they were the wrong ones but as a photographer you put your heart and soul into every picture you take and for someone to not even look at them for ten years is just not what you want to hear.  Maybe I put too much pressure on myself by saying that these are the images they are going to see everyday for the rest of their life but I grew up with a picture of my parents at their wedding on the wall and we saw it everyday.  And I know that doesn't always happen but I want my cute couples to revisit the love and excitement they had at their wedding every time they see the images I give them and I want them to revisit it more than just every ten years.  So whether it's your wedding or just a family vacation PRINT OUT those images so you can cherish something tangible and view them regularly.