Portraits: Airport Fun

I had the wonderful opportunity to go out to the Leading Edge Aviation Airport and take some pictures. They had some awesome planes and were very helpful. We got a tour of their facility and a guide to help us find the type of planes we were looking for. But before we were able to go out and take pictures with the planes our model had to get ready.

Next it was time to have some fun at the airport. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and the sky was a gorgeous blue. We stared out in the hanger which was full of great planes but we were particularly fond of the biplane.


Then we took it outside for some fun in the sun. Our guide was shocked as we picked what he called the oldest and dumpiest plane on the lot. It was a cute little brown plane that was perfect for what we wanted. The shiny new planes were nice but the old well loved planes have character and personality that just seem to work better for what we were after. Granted if I was to actually fly in a plane I may have chosen one that had a little less personality.

We also did a few without the plane in general and just had her work it in front of the camera.

I even had some fun with some retro editing techniques. I loved the high contrast black and white and the old fashioned sepia tones of the images below.