International Peace Gardens: First Look

I can not tell you enough how in love I am with first looks.  I understand the old custom of waiting till your wedding day to show off your dress however it's so amazing to have a more intimate setting to show off your bridal glory.  Now I'm not going to tell you it's 100% comfortable because if your anything like me you'd rather hid your emotions under a pillow than let anyone see how your really feeling especially at moments like that.  However if you can let yourself relax and just flow with it the images you get will be worth more than gold. They are truly some of my favorites.

This couple was no exception he kinda silly standing in the middle of the walkway with his eyes closed.   He wasn't sure if he was doing it right or what to do.  However once we backed out of the picture and let them do their thing it was nothing but magic.  

After the first look is out of the way it's time to play.  I love seeing the couple interact with one another without the stress of the wedding day.  You get some real smiles, real laughter and some real personality.  There's just something so amazing about watching two people who are in love interact with one another.  It's those little moments when you walk from one place to the next and you watch him help carry her dress or the secret whispers they do when they think the camera is put away.  Those are my favorite.  You can't help but have some of their happiness rub off on you and it becomes not only their happy day but yours as well.