Black and White Photography and Why I'm in Love

I love black and white photography.  Maybe it's because I first learned photography at school and they made us shoot black and white film because it was easier to develop and easier to see if we had out settings correct.  Or maybe it's because I spent hours upon hours in art class drawing with graphite and charcoal and conte crayon.  Either way it's just something that happened and there's a few reasons I think you should fall in love with black and white photo's as well.  

  • They last longer. We have come a long way with color photography however it's still can't beat a black and white.  From cave art to tattoos color is the first thing to fade and without that black and white outline images fade completely.  So If you want a photo that can stand the test of time make it a black and white.  
  • This may be a personal preference thing but I feel like black and white is better at capturing emotion. Something about just having lines and shadows tell a story makes the story more rich and vivid.  Color is beautiful but it can be distracting.
  • Black and white is minimalistic.  Sometimes photo's can be cluttered especially when there's color in the background.  Black and white is a good way to sort through those colors and make them disappear leaving the nice raw subject. 
  • Black and whites match anything.  If you are really into having everything match a room black and whites maybe the way to go.  Some room colors maybe hard to match and clash with your family portraits or the landscape you have fallen in love with.  Changing the images to black and white lets you enjoy the image without having to worry about the colors matching the surroundings.  This can also be used to make the image more of a highlight piece.  If you room is full of colors adding a stunning black and white images can draw your eye to the picture and really let it shine.  
  • Black and whites are great for landscapes. It's probably not the first thing you think of when you think of a landscape because you work so hard to get great colors in landscapes but try it sometime.  

So next time you fall in love with a picture try changing it to black and white and see if you can fall that much deeper in love.