Lifestyle Photography: Everyday Moments

I wish that I could photography every moment of every day.  I know that may sound like it's a little overkill.  But truly every moment there is something worth taking a photo of.  Even as I sit here typing I am noticing how the light is hitting the chair across the room and reflecting the items around it.  I can see the sun coming through the blinds and creating parallel lines on the floor and how cool the plant looks as it hides behind the fan.  They are small and simple things but they are beautiful and artistic.  

I could spend all day describing the small beauties around me and I think it's very important to notice the things around you but even more important than the things are the people.  It's remembering the beauty in the people around us that we should be capturing.  This post is all about a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. It's a childhood classic there's no mistake but even though we've played it a thousand times since it's my nieces and nephews favorites this day was something special because I really watched them play.  Instead of it being background noise and focusing on whether we were going to be loose pieces in the commotion I stopped and saw it for what it was pure magic.  I didn't take many pictures of faces because I wanted to capture it from a child's point of view but I think you get the idea of the focus and anticipation and fun that surrounded these images.