Salisbury Mansion: Vintage Wedding

So it goes without saying that I love weddings cause if I didn't why would I take pictures at them.  But I just want to showcase some of my favorite things about weddings because this one brought tears to my eyes. Truth be told most of them do and here's a few reasons why....I love the way the groom looks at his bride.  It's just so sweet and completely magical.  Then you also have that sappy beautiful ceremony that is so much better than any romance novel ending you have ever read.  And lastly you have two people that are just so uncontrollable happy.  

From the moment I step into the room you can just feel the love and excitement in the air.  And this wedding did a few things that broke tradition that I really liked and made it unique to them.  Instead of a sign in book they had a globe that everyone signed their name on which would make a lovely addition to their home.  

They added a touch of family history to their wedding by displaying the wedding dress of her mother as well as some black and whites of old family members.  It was a nice way to highlight the people who have paved the way.  

I also loved the building.  It's not somewhere you would normally think of because it is a funeral home but I loved the vintage feel and all the natural wood. They also had some amazing windows that you can see we used to really showcase this dress.  It was so much fun to shoot with Chelsea Lewis Photography at this wedding.