Lifestyle Photography: Family Traditions

Moments like this may not be what you would think about hiring a professional photographer for,  in fact taking photo's like this may not even cross you mind.  But in an ever changing world it is the little things in life that will soon be our fondest memories. 

As  child I remember going to my grandmas house and bottling pears.  The sweet sugary smell and the way everything was sticky.  Which as a child made everything magical.  We would help until our little bodies couldn't sit still any longer and then we would run around the yard and creep up behind the hard working adult and dip our tiny hands into the salt water and grab the most delicious pears you have ever tasted.  Then we'd be off again running and playing.  

We'd show up again when the bin got full and it was time to put the pears into bottles.  Our little hands were just the right tools for the job.  Adult hands would get stuck in the mouth of the bottles but kid hands slid safely in and out.  Then we would fight over who got to pour the sugar and water over the fruit, the air bubbles would rise up from the bottom of the jars captivating the audience of tiny eyes.  

Then just when we thought all the fun had passed we got to get out the hose and clean everything up.  At just the right angle you can send a stream of water from a lawn chair back to your unsuspecting victim in a matter of a few inconspicuous seconds.  Laughter would fill the air and the water fight would hit full blown before the adults had a chance to get out the door and stop it.  

This was the life.  

Now I am no longer that blonde haired little girl,  but I can watch the magic be passed onto the next generation.  My hands no longer fit in jars but there are others to take it's place, and I am lucky enough to get to document it.