All About that Bass

Because you know I'm all about that bass bout that bass no trouble....yeah i'm all about that bass bout that bass....the words just seem to run through your head like an 80's boom box. Meghan Trainor has taken the pop world by storm.  From a no name to a pop sensation but what is the key to her popularity see for yourself. 

It's her values, hopefully they last.  I love the message of this song.  As a photographer and photoshop master this is always on my mind.  I am a huge advocate of realizing your beauty and I'm not talking what happens after glamor lighting, hair and make up and killer posses I'm talking about real beauty.  The kind that you can look in the mirror at three am after you've been up with an sick child and see a beautiful face staring back at you. It's realizing that you, the real you that no one can take from you is beautiful.