Dancing Lessons: Salt Lake City

I posed another blog post about lessons I learned from dancing in October but I recently learned another one. I don't go dancing all that often.  There's a group that gets together at a church building and we dance in the gym.  So maybe it's the fact that I'm dancing in a church building that makes me parallel the lessons I learn to my relationship with Christ. 

I went dancing at the push of a friend who teaches dance lessons as a job so yeah he knows what he's doing. We were dancing and I was struggling which is fairly typical especially when I haven't been in a while.  So he had me do this exercise where you close your eyes and just let the guy lead and you trust that he knows what he's doing and will be there.  I may have mentioned that I like to be in control and I learned that I had a hard time even following with my eyes open because I was trying to hard to do the steps and be where I needed to be detailed in my last post.   Well lets just say dancing with my eyes close kinda a stretch for me.  I had to actually trust this guy to be there for me. But I did it.  I closed my eyes and honestly it really helped.  I was doing what I thought pretty great.  

However half way through one of the spins he let go and he had done that before and I was fine however this time I panicked.  I opened my eyes and frantically searched for my partner.  This is where the Christ analogy comes in.  Sometimes Christ says close your eyes I've got this, or it's just too dark to see clearly and we are asked to trust in him.  Sometimes we are gliding along just fine like I was doing in my dancing, trusting in God and relaxed when all the sudden we panic.  We question whether he will be there and we search for signs that he's involved in our life we reach out in a desperate plea.  But just like my dance partner sometimes we don't see God in our lives but he's always there and we are panicking for no reason.  

Sometimes we just need to relax and trust that God is there for us and continue dancing.  Granted we also need to be doing what we need to do as well like how I needed to keep my arms tight so that I could feel which way I needed to move.  But as long as we are trying and willing God will always be there even when we don't see him.  And just like my dancing sometimes when we panic and end up looking like a complete mess rather than the calmed put together person we were, if we would just relax and trust in him.  But even those panic moments teach us something as we begin to understand our relationship with God and begin to rely on him more and more and he begins to show us everything that we are capable of.  May we all do better about relaxing and trusting that God is helping us through life and that he will always be there.