Cottonwood Regional Park: Engagements

Have I told you lately how much I love photographing people especially those in love.  There's really nothing else in the world quite like it.  I have the best job in the world.  I've know this young man for a few years now.  We've talked about our dating woes and wished upon our lucky stars hoping that one day this type of happiness would be ours.  It was such a pleasure to photograph his special day! 

These two are an amazing couple.  Preserving what makes them special and unique was very important to me.  They meet dancing so of course we had to throw in a few dancing ones.  We even went to the park where he proposed so we could get as much sentimentality as possible. Originally we wanted to go up the canyon but as you can see from the clouds rain was looming in the distance.  

Luckily the weather cooperated long enough for us to get these shots and let us enjoy the beautiful fall foliage.  There's truly nothing quite so magical as two people in love.