Family Photography: Childhood Memories Captured Forever

I remember as a child we used to wrestle with my Dad.  He would get down on the floor after family prayers and we would tackle him with all the strength we had.  Our little nightgowns flying everywhere in the tumble.  In case your wondering night gowns are not made for wrestling.  They get caught around your feet and practically leave you worm crawling on your courageous get away.  Not to mention you step on them when you are trying to make a leap and end up face first into your victim.  Yes our wrestling matches usually ended in tears.  That's what you get when there is three girls in the family.  However it was still one of my favorite moments with my Dad. And I can't imagine how much it would meant to me to have a picture of one of those wrestling matches well before one of us left in tears :) They were such great times.  And truly one of my treasured memories.  

Lucky for us we have phones that take pictures and are practically glued to our hips so we often times can document those moments for the future generation.  But sometimes you forget and sometimes you get busy and sometimes your camera phone just doesn't quite cut it cause you are in the basement in bad lighting and there's no way anyone is going to hold still long enough for your image not to be a blurry mess.  Which is why as photographers we do something called lifestyle photography.  We go into you home and just be there documenting the cute moments of everyday life.  

Now yes it sounds like I'm advertising and I kind of am.  If you want to hire me to come into your home and take photos of your everyday moments then I would love it.  But the truth is I just want those moments documented.  So instead of just a memory your children have images that tell the story of their childhood.  These are some of my favorite photos I have taken of my darling sister.  She felt super weird at first to have me walking around with my camera but pretty soon she relaxed and forgot I was there. I can't exactly why we went into that dimly lit basement room. It definitely wasn't because of the good lighting but a tickle fight began between her and the youngest boy.  Soon his brother joined the tangle and off they went giggling like it was the best thing in the world.  And snap went my camera.  The love and happiness was so thick in the room you can't help but smile at the images.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.