Utah Photography: Engagements: Red Butte Garden

I love shooting engagement photos.  The couple are so in love and it just radiates from their faces.  My hardest task with this couple was getting the groom to look away from his future bride long enough to look at the camera.  He thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world and who can blame her.  She is simply stunning.  I can hardly wait for their wedding.

As a wedding photographer it is so fun to get to know couple and help them through their wedding day. Taking photos are always so much fun and as a wedding photographer I get a chance to know people in some of the most stressful and wonderful moments of their life.  It is such a treat to get to be a part of their love story. 

These two happy people meet in an LDS singles ward and as you can see they are a match made in heaven.  It was so fun to run around Red Butte gardens with them up by the University of Utah and document their love.  I love the great locations at Red Butte.  The pear trees were so pretty and there were blossoms on the trees, and you can't forget the oak tree tunnel, there's just so many possibilities.  My darling bride is doing a vintage styled wedding so I changed all her images to color and black and white.  

I just love black and white photos.  They truly are some of my favorites. I love playing with the tones, contrast, and curves until I feel like it is just right and the subjects really jump off of the page.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.