Senior Portraits: Salt Lake Library

I love shooting weddings and children and things that you want to make look cute feminine and just sweet but it's also fun to do stuff occasionally with a little more edge.  I had lots of fun taking photos in an underground parking garage and on stairwells  just using the architecture to create some fun effects in these images.  This girl was a natural in front of the camera and we even got her to laugh which for me is my favorite way to get people to smile because you can see the smile in their whole body including their eyes which doesn't happen when you are faking it.  Which is what most people try to do when they are in front of the camera.  Word to the wise relax and really have fun with your photographer because we love our job and you should love getting your photos taken so trust that we are getting some good ones cause we are and forget that you are in front of the lens.  So without further delay I present for your viewing pleasure a sassy, unique and completely gorgeous senior.  It was such a pleasure getting to know her and capturing a little bit of her.