Senior Photos: Little Cottonwood Canyon

I grew up right next to these mountains and took the Temple Quarry trail on a regular basis. It's actually more of a walking path because it's all paved unless you go farther up and then it's mostly a bike trail and people zoom up and down it going well faster than I am comfortable walking in the line of.  But it's a fantastic place for pictures because you have an outdoor location that can be crossed easily in heels, a bathroom to change in and a great view of the mountains.  

The trail was made because the rocks in that area have large spike holes in them from when the mormon pioneers went up there and brought down huge slabs of granite to build the salt lake temple.  Some of the large iron spikes are still stuck in the rock.  As a child we used to have family home evening up there all the time.  Not it's just a great  place to walk around and feel like your in nature without having to exert any effort whatsoever.  And as you can tell from the pictures the view of the mountains is fantastic.