Family History: Personal History: My Story: Question #1

What is your full name? How did your parents select your name? Did you have any nicknames? 

I think my parents just chose my name from a baby book so it was nothing to exciting but I have always liked it.  It's unique without being odd and I like that very few people share my name.  

I don't have any commonly known nicknames but I have a few personal ones that individuals call me and a few that only stuck for a short time.  My great uncle Curtis has always called me Sara Lee.  Rumor has it he thought I was as sweet as cakes as a child so he called me Sara Lee after the bakery brand.

At home nicknames weren't really allowed my Dad always said if I wanted you to be called something else I would have named you it.  But since Loralie is kinda hard to pronounce my little brother stumbled over it something awful.  So his pronunciation was wiiwii.  As you can imagine it was a bit of an embarrassment to have a little brother calling you wiiwii in a crowded store but as the years have gone by it's become a endearing bond between siblings.  it's also branched out to be widdle, and zz.  

I was also called sparky at girls camp one year cause I could get the fire started in the rain.  I was also called little L in college because I had a friend that was also named Lorilee.


So here it goes. I am starting on the journey. If you would like to go on the journey with me I'd love to have you.  Just fill in your name and email below and I'll send you a question for you to answer and you can answer it and save it for your own records or you can send it to me and I can store them until our journey is complete and then design it into a lovely book for your family to cherish or for you to hide in your closet and never share which is what my journals are doing now. The choice is up to you :) 

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