Family History: Personal History Project: My Story Question#2

1.  Where were you Born? And why was your family there? 

However one of the things that make my birth a bit unique was that I had my first bath before I was even born. My mom ended up with a ruptured appendix while she was pregnant with me.  She was a bit sick and throwing up all the time which you assume is just part of being pregnant but it soon turned into a severe pain.  By the time my Dad got home to take her to the doctors in their only car she could barely make it to the car.  

The doctor only saw her for a second before he put her in a wheel chair and transported her to the hospital emergency room that was located across the street. They didn't know exactly what was going on but they knew something needed to be done and fast.  I'm sure they had their suspicious that it was appendicitis but the paperwork just says exploratory surgery.  To this day my Dad hates hospitals.  They had just been married a short while and he was stuck there alone for hours while he waited to hear what was going on with his new wife and baby. 

Her appendix had already ruptured and It was quite a mess.  They had to wash everything off and make sure all the infection was cleaned up as best as they could. I was only a few months old and it was kinda of a miracle I survived.  A few weeks later or earlier and I probably wouldn't have.  But with a whole bunch of prayers and a big dose of luck everything went as well as could have ever been expected.  They washed all the infection off her internal organs including me and stitched her back up. So that my friend is how this little girl began.