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Hey so I don't have another question for you this week instead I wanted to highlight a cool picture I just found of my grandmother and tell you all that it's her 80th Birthday today. Last year around this time she had been life flighted to salt lake and was awaiting surgery on her liver. Now she's doing better than ever.  But I'm so glad I got to spend that time with her next to her hospital bed and here so many good stories about her and Grandpa.  I wanted to show you a quick before and after of the image because sometimes I restore a photo and I get done and I still see all the flaws and things I could still fix. Does that sound familiar.  I think we all do stuff and change ourselves and all we can see is what else we need to do but i'll save all that for another time and just share with you the image with the before and after.  Enjoy and Happy Birthday Grandma!