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I've had this gnawing in the back of mind about family history and writing my own for a long time. I've never been that good at journal writing and what is in there would be a very boring read and it leaves out well most of anything that happens in my life instead I ended up writing out my frustrations which I guess is good too but definitely not a true representation of my life.  So I decided instead of preaching to everyone else about how they should write down theirs and get in printed in a book to share with the world I decided to work on my own. 

Now don't judge I know I do this for a living or at least want to the whole living part is still up for debate since I have a day job but it still maybe a little rocky.  I have lists of questions to help others get started on their journey but I haven't sat down and answered them for myself so this is me starting out on that journey.  

I've decided to post them online not because I think my life is great and fabulous and well worth your time but because I think the hardest part of writing your own history is knowing what to write about and for me the easiest way to spark my own thought process is to read someone else's.  Sometime I read theirs and it somehow liberates me to share mine because I realize that their story isn't perfect or life shattering and that it's okay to just have a ordinary story.  And the more I warm up to the idea of just being ordinary the more I see that my story is unique and interesting (sometimes) and that I should take some pride in my life.  

So here it goes. I am starting on the journey. If you would like to go on the journey with me I'd love to have you.  Just fill in your name and email below and I'll send you a question for you to answer and you can answer it and save it for your own records or you can send it to me and I can store them until our journey is complete and then design it into a lovely book for your family to cherish or for you to hide in your closet and never share which is what my journals are doing now. The choice is up to you :) 

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