Neff's Canyon: Formal Couple Shoot

One of the things I love about black tie pre wedding session is that we can go anywhere we want.  This couple loves the mountains and have spent hours up this canyon.  I love Neff's canyon because you can get the outdoor feel without having to travel too far off the paved areas.  Unfortunately it's not quite as toasty as an indoor location but it was worth it.  Because of the cold we did a lot of close poses.  Her dress wasn't much of a help in cold protection so we relied on the arms of he fiance as well as quick breaks to warm up.  

We got to this spot just after they finished work and we were able to grab some fun shots before the sun went down.  We kept it short because of the cold and disappearing light but that actually worked out perfectly as we were able to use the colors of the fading sun to create some beautiful backgrounds to this couple.