Photography: Wedding: Solitude Ski Resort

The details from this wedding were so perfect.  They had beautiful florals perfect for the occasion.  An amazing bridal arbor with simple ribbons and detailed arrangements on the corners it was perfect framing for wedding pictures of the ceremony.

They also kept up the theme of the location but adding skiing memorabilia. The wedding seating chart was created using lift tickets.  And the sign in book was replaced with a nice pair of vintage skis.  The directions were painted on boards usually used to direct skiers down the correct path.  I was a beautiful wedding and was so much fun to photography.   

getting ready shots are one of my favorite parts of a wedding.  There is something so intimate and special about those moments.  The brides life will forever be changed in a few short minutes and she wants every details to be perfect.  I can remember how stressful it was on my wedding day wanting every hair to be perfectly in place.  

There is very little that compare to the beauty of a bride on her wedding day.  Not only is she carefully manicured, styled and tailored but she has an inner beauty that just seems to radiate from her every pore. The smile just gleams from her face and the photos practically take themselves.  I just have to be there with my camera and click it at exactly the right moment when those happy gleams reach the surface. Wedding photography is all about timing and catching the moments as they happen.  These are my favorite images.  

Ceremony and formal couple shots are the crowing moments of wedding photography.  All the details and getting ready shots come to a climax at that very moments when the officiator says you are now husband and wife.  It is such a simple thing that has such a big impact of the rest of their life.  Within a few minutes the wedding is complete and their lives are forever joined.  All the wedding planning and dreaming boils down to that one kep moment.  

All the people came together to show their support.  Some photographers say that formal wedding shots are their least favorite shots.  But they are a crucial part of telling the whole wedding story.