Infant Baptism: Newborn Photography

This was my first time shooting an infant baptism and I loved it.  I learned so much about the religion and the customs.  In my religion you get baptised when you are eight, so this was definitely a new experience for me.  I have always loved learning about different religions and beliefs and I am so thankful that my job gives me the opportunity to increase that knowledge and be part of everyone's extremely special and spiritual day.  

Just like a wedding church lighting is not the best for photos and I didn't want to use any distracting flashing lights so I had to crank my ISO way up.  Which often causes noise but since my camera is a dream you can see that the images don't contain much noise.  I love my camera.  Another challenge was trying to get great shots without distracting from the spiritual event taking place.  I made sure to wear soft-soled shoes so I could move around silently and get the photographs that I was looking for.  

It was such an amazing experience being a part of their incredible day! And isn't this family adorable.  I had so much fun!