Kid Photos: Fun in the Sun

I love little kid photos.  They have so much energy in their little body.  It is a fun challenge to try to capture it all in a photo.  This cute little girl started out a bit grumpy and she was definitely obsessed with doing her own thing.  Which is why by the time we got a good pose the lighting was less than ideal but even with the stark overhead light we were still able to get some decent images.  She was such a hoot to work with and it was fun to try to contain all that energy enough to get a good image. So as you can see we used what was available.  

We found an area that was fenced in so there was only so far that she could run. Which worked out well.  I also gave her something to do.  She sat on a railroad tie next to the fence, held onto her favorite monkey, played with the dandelions, and climbed on a slide.  This enabled her to focus on something besides running and we were able to get the photos we were after. 

I love using this technique. You can even use this when you are taking wedding photos.  The other day I had a cute little boy who was not having it.  He was crying and running and wanted to do anything but stand there for pictures.  I found a colored leaf and put it on the ground where I wanted him to stand and told him to stop on it.  He dried his tears and stomped that poor leaf to death giving me time to snap that photo I wanted.  It's amazing what a little distraction and redirection can do.