Liberty Park: Business Headshots

Is your business portrait a bit out dated? Maybe you should get a new one.  In less than an hour, you can have professional looking images ready to update your business resume.  Your photo is the first thing people see when they look at your LinkedIn account and from there they determine whether you would be a good candidate for their position.  Don't let it scream casual day in the park with my dog.  

This lovely lady is just starting out in the real estate business so if you are looking for an agent I know a great one.  If she is as easy to work with in front of the camera as she is behind a desk then it is a real estate dream.  She was friendly and great to work with.  

We had a blast walking around the park. It was so much fun to hear here story and how she came to Utah and got started on her real estate dreams.  The lighting was fun to play with because each type of tree cast a different shade of light.  The thin airy leaves let the light shine right through and cast a slight warmth to the light.  The deep pine trees were my favorite and blocked a lot of the top light and made for some fun deeper colors for our backdrop.  Because we wanted the focus to be on her.  I used a small aperture and got a creamy background called boke.  This si caused by choosing what you want to be in focus and adjusting your lens so that the rest of the image becomes blurred.