Editing: Why don't my pictures look like that?

I have asked myself why don't my photos look like that a million times.  Let us face it it's easy to compare ourselves to others and feel like we fall short.  But here's the deal sometimes we don't see the behind the scene images, or the years that they put in to get that good.  And this goes for every aspect of our lives, not just photography.  I look at a girl on the street and go wow her outfit is spot on then look down at my t-shirt and yoga pants my messy pony tail and my smudged mascara.  

Now it could be that she just looks that way every day just like I assume ;) but it could also be that she's headed to a job interview or a hot date. And she too may have her roll out of bed and wear comfy clothes and just survive type of days too.  So I thought I'd share with you some of the behind the scenes images.  As you can see the editing makes a big difference.  Not that they weren't good images to start with because they were.  

These are my wedding images so yes that is me in them.  I hired a photographer to cover my place behind the camera. Anyhow long story short she shot them I edited them :) which was a lot of fun but also a lot of work.  So as you can see she did a great job. And with a few tweaks, the images really came together. So when you look at your images and then pull up someone's website just remember the time and effort that they put in.  Their website images are their date outfit days. And the yoga pants images are never released.  I would love to say that those images never creep in and that I'm always on point but they do.  In fact, there's some that I don't even bother editing cause fundamentally it's just not quite there.  But the ones that I love by themselves I edit til they really shine and that is the images I give my clients and post on my site.  So remember as your learning that we all start somewhere.  Don't get discouraged and keep honing your skills.