Education: Making ABC's fun

So I have a few passions in my life.  One of them  is art. I love drawing, painting, photography, art galleries, teaching art. They all make me as giddy as a kid in a candy store. I also love books, family history, and teaching.  And since school started I have been on an education kick. I know this isn't my normal here's a photo post.  But since I shoot a bunch of family photos I figure my readers would still be interested even if my topic was education and not photography. 

So here's the deal we all know that you should help kids learn at a young age.  But there's also that fear that if they are pushed they will shut down and all learning will cease. Trust me I've seen it in the classroom a million times.  Luckily most kids are forgiving and you can just try it again the next day.  

But here's a few tips to help prevent that. Make learning fun. I ran across this article and they do just that.  Instead of writing letters they draw them.  They draw them in sand, cornstarch, and pudding. You can also make letters with play dough, pretzels, candies, beans, rice, noodles the options are endless.  Maybe give them finger paint and let them paint in the tub.  Anything that makes a mess ;) but do not worry you can keep it to a minimum.  Even a cup of water and a paint brush out on the sidewalk can be a fun way to create letters and they leave no trace.  :)