Photography: Bridals: Silver Lake

So I know weddings are expensive.  I just went through my own so I  get that.  And to tell you the truth I didn't completely get bridals we were going to meet before our black tie session and get some and well guess what my Mom got sick, my eyes turned red, and I wasn't finished with my veil or my belt.  Yep don't do diy's on for your wedding brides do you hear me.  Unless you've got them months in advance.  Cause come photo day this little bride was stressed rounding up someone to help her into her dress.  Yep another tip, don't expect to dress yourself for your wedding even if your dress is simple they make zippers you can't reach and arm holes that are more like straight jackets but they are beautiful and well worth it.  Also, another tip don't try to be wonder woman.  I tried to do own hair and makeup for pictures I thought it would be easier and had a pro the rest of the time.  Should have gone the pro route...Lesson learned. 

Back to the main topic....Get bridals.  Even if you just call up a friend with a nice camera.  I know I'm trying to make a living and as such I shouldn't recommend a friend with a nice camera.  But i"m doing it anyway.  You only get married once spend as much time in front of a camera lense as possible....any camera,  ideally a pro. Remember my hair tip, I was super stressed doing my own hair and she breezed through it like a champ and make it look ten times better. Same with your photographer.  We've done this...we've done it a lot.  And I'll be the first one to admit occasionally I may not seem to sure of myself.  I'm working on it but I do know what i'm doing and I'm going to get you some rock solid images.  

This lovely lady did just that.  She called up a friend and wanted her to shoot a few images with her new nice camera. Just so happens that her friend is now part of my family since I got married six months ago (ecstatic cheers) so she asked me to come along and train.  I tried to only use setting that she could use on her basic camera and lenses.  And the quickest way to be able to tell her what settings to use is to shoot a few myself ;)  Click on the images below to see the whole image.