Photography: Maternity

This beautiful mother to be is one of my favorite photography subjects and well lets just say taking photos are far from her favorite :) Poor girl in fact most of the adults in my family feel the same way I have been blessed with a family that hates to be in front of the camera luckily my nieces and nephews are not inheriting their dread of the camera lens.  But I'm sure we can all relate to that feeling.  I myself am not too thrilled to step behind the camera and into the spotlight.  But the reason my family is my favorite subjects is that they are just that my family.  So these images are some of the most valuable I take. They are also the reason I do photography it's because I know first hand how much these images mean.  

This mother to be is my little sister.  She is now the mother of two and they keep her super busy. I love these images of her in all her pregnant glory.  Pregnancy is hard and often times you feel everything but glamorous.  She's never been one who likes getting all dolled up so the flowy dress in a field type maternity photos that seem to be the rage these days were definitely out.  These images were taken in her front yard.  They were simple and I think captures her.  She is a stunning woman with a great smile.  She loves sport and her family.  And best of all she almost always has a smile on her face.  And she's a wonderful and beautiful woman and mother.  Pregnancy is such a short, hard and miraculous period of life and I am so thankful I got to document hers.