Photography: Newborns

A lot of people love the sleeping baby photos and although I love them I have no problem taking photos of those beautiful wide eyes.  When you do newborns the ideal time is within the first couple weeks.  That's when all the baby does is sleep.  Often times you are still adjusting to each other during that time and photos are not the top priority. So I have no problem doing them a little later.

 I have found with newborns it's super important to be flexible and go with their schedule and what works with mother and child.  This little girl was a bit past the super sleepy stage and was ready to see everything the world had to offer. This little girl was a bit sleepy part way through but at the beginning she was wide eyed and as happy as can be.  The basket gave her a soft comfortable place for her to lay and look around.  She was such a dream to work with and just like that maternity I just posted this little baby was family.  She is my amazing niece.  She's grown so much since these images were taken but she still makes the same facial expressions.