Photography tips: Story telling in Black and White

As a parent, I'm sure you love to document as much of your child's life as possible. And the last thing you are worrying about is the color cast and lighting as you shoot your child's sports shots or your child's birthday party.  But the truth is color caste influences a photo a lot and it can be really distracting to your photographs. An easy fix for that is to change them to black and white.  Personally, I'm a big fan of black and white for well everything I just think it is often better to help tell the story.  It seems to help you focus on the action and expressions and the moment but I know that not everyone favorite. But if you are shooting indoors, for example, this shoot I was at my nephew's wrestling match which means awful florescent lights yellow wood gym floors and bright blue mats.  So images had the yellow cast from the floor and the blue reflection from the mats all influencing my image not to mention it was low light.  So I turned them all to black and white not that it took tons of convincing. But if you are in a situation where you know there's something off in the image and you can't put your finger on it try switching your images to black and white.  

You can use your Instagram filter or most basic programs have a black and white button.  You won't have the same control as if you have a professional editing program that let you control every aspect of the image.  But it will give you some more options that you hadn't thought of before.  Oh and wondering why I don't have that many wrestling photos....He is still learning and may have spent some time on the bottom.  Since that wasn't what I wanted to highlight I stuck with the one I got where he was on top.  When you tell your story sometimes you can only include the story you want to tell.  :)