Personal: Marriage: My Journey

I've never been too good at sharing emotion so I apologize if this post seems a bit dry.  Especially in a public setting. I seem to cut out the emotions and just deliver facts.  So here's the facts of my wedding story.  In my high school year book I had a friend that wrote don't get married your first semester.  What that meant was I was a bit of that girl.  I liked boys I liked the idea of marriage and a family and I was going to college and I loved it but ultimately I just wanted to rock my sweet babies to sleep in my arms and have dinner on the table when my husband got home from work.  

Well, I didn't get married my first semester, or my first year, or my second year, in fact, I had been graduated from college for ten years by the time I got married.  I could lie to you and tell you how it was easy and I got to see the world and be independent and that it was a hard adjustment to be married because I had fallen in love with my single life but that would be a lie. I wanted to be married most of those years it was kinda just that ache that followed me around.  Don't get me wrong I was happy.  I loved life and I did the best I could but when people complained about how hard marriage was there was part of me that wasn't completely buying it and wanted to trade them places.  

It turns out that honestly, marriage is a lot better and easier than being single. Yep I know it's probably cause I'm still on year one and in that honeymoon stage of bliss but I kinda don't think it's ever going to get quite as bad as being single.  Sorry.  I'll admit we've had a pretty easy first year.  But part of that is we were both tired of single life.  I was ready to trade in random Halloween parties with almost complete strangers for a scary movie night or games with close friends.  I was tired of putting on my happy and flirty mask to go to the grocery store.  I longed for the days of sweatpants and no makeup Saturdays.  And I was tired of the dating drama and breakups.  I was tired of investing time, effort, money and emotions only to end up crying myself to sleep at night for weeks on end dusting myself off and pretending I wanted to do it again.  That being said it was all worth it.  And I would have done it for another 30 if I would have ended up with the same results.  However waiting till sixty to meet prince charming would have put a serious dent in my rocking my babies to sleep plan.  So I'm very glad it didn't take that long.   

That being said life as a single person wasn't unhappy I really did enjoy it.  But it is so much better to fight with someone who's already agreed to never leave. To come from a hard day and tell someone about it rather than take solace in a bowl of ice cream.  And it's nice to have someone that thinks your beautiful on those days you just don't feel like putting makeup on.  It's everything I had ever hoped and dreamed off plus so much more.  That being said life is still hard cause that's what life is.  But when you have a traveling partner then time just seems to fly by a bit faster and you have someone to help you up the steep parts and cry with you when you fall. Which is a very very beautiful thing.