Dream Big

This cute couple has quite the story. Williamson was trapped for days in the rubble during the earthquake in Haiti. He came to America knowing almost no one and created a life for himself here in the states. Most of his sweet family is still in Haiti helping the people there by running a school and orphanage. He's here learning as much as he can and trying to give back to his country. He created a non profit and organizes fundraiser events as well as running a landscaping business.

She was a teacher in the elementary school and then moved to the private sector as a tutor. She also helped with the high school choir. She's a talented Harpist as well as Ukelele player and I'm sure many other things that I can't remember. Oh and their house is adorable. You may wonder how I learned all that in an hour engagement session. Well I didn't I try to learn as much about my couples as I can but well only so much is possible. These two happy people have been part of my families lives since my love story began. Williamson was living with my husbands parents. And they got married shortly after we did, so we call them family. :)

We chose a cute little park that they liked hanging out in to do their engagements. I love shooting photos at a place that has sentimental value as well as gorgeous scenery. Can you think of a place that means a lot to you and your family that you want to get pictures at?