Hercules, Percy Jackson and Me

Sometimes I watch movies while I'm editing photo's and i noticed a theme lately.  I put in The Legend of Hercules staring Kellen Lutz and then I watched Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.  What do both of these stories have in common? Well besides the half Gods battling great evil....Family History :) Both of the main characters felt like they were lowly, normal and insignificant until they did a little genealogy work.  

We may not find out that we are part god conceived in scandal but most of us will find some sort of royalty along the path.  Which can sometimes make you feel pretty amazing.  But even closer to home,  sometimes it is the stories of strength from our grandparents, or the trials of our parents that just like Hercules and Percy Jackson give us strength. 

And this strength often comes from the weirdest places and stories.  Sometimes we are strengthened by their weaknesses and realize that the people we thought were so perfect are just as flawed as we are and we can find strength to forgive ourselves, other times we see them in full glory battling for what they believe in and it gives us strength to do the same,  and sometimes we read of how they struggled and perhaps did not come out as victorious as we had hoped and we become convinced that we will not follow in their same shoes.  Either way we are empowered by the stories of our past and they can give us strength we never knew we had.  

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