Hand tint fix


I love hand-tinting. I got to try it a bit in my high school photography class and it was a lot of fun. My great-grandma also did a lot of hand-tinting and well as much as I love it sometimes it could use a little cleanup. This image has some great professional hand-tinting but it was nice to spruce it up a little for a client. The hand tint let me know what colors to use and it was a great starting point. As you can see you can get a deeper color digitally than you can if you are just coloring over a black and white image.

The photo had definitely faded over the years and got a few scratches and marks so the first step was to remove them and then to have a little fun. Our goal was to get it as similar as possible but still breathe some new life into it. I did a black and white version with some increase in contrast and clarity. A sepia version and a few colored versions. The final print was also created to imitate the old photo as close as possible. Instead of printing it on your normal photo paper, we opted for more of a matte photo paper and then added another layer of matt professional photo finish to give it that deep matte feel. As you can see from the bottom image we really wanted to keep that antique feel to the image.