In kindergarten my teacher asked us to draw a picture of what we wanted to be when we grew up. What an intimidating question fro adults. But as a kid I knew what I was going to be. I got out my oversized crayons the ones that are three times the size of normal crayons so they don't break when chubby little fingers use them with every ounce of strength they have to color zealously on the paper. Yep those were the days. Sometimes i still miss those crayons. Half of them had bite marks, or were covered in glue. Anyhow do you want to know what my go to was. The first one I'm sure was one everyone's list...Thank you Disney. I wanted to be a princess. Not sure how that became a career choice but I think every little girl wanted to be one at one time or another. As if by some magic if you worked hard enough that's what you'd get. A crown a pink ball gown and hair that was wound tightly in a bun on top of your head or flowing curly locks down to the floor like repunzel. Thank goodness that career path didn't work out. However my other dream job was an artist. I think in the pictures the outfit was just about the same but I added a paper and some paints.

Luckily I didn't end up in a pink ball gown the size of texas however I did end up being an artist. Which for a lot of years I never thought would happen. In fact I kind of completely gave up on it. It didn't really have to do with numbers and wouldn't get me that corner office with a view over the park. You know the one everyone "wants" if they're smart and practical and all of that stuff. The one you have to wear a conservative dress suit to with matching pumps and a black briefcase.

You laugh but I had a few years in the corporate world where everything I wore seemed to consist of brown, black or grey. My shoes were no longer made for walking instead they were used to walk to and from the office. I have to admit I think the dress code was my least favorite part. However it did look over the park but my boss wanted us to keep the blinds closed so it didn't fade the carpet.

Yep I let myself get a little side tracked from my dreams. But luckily life has a way of giving you a second chance at what you want. The company I was working for got bought out and then only needed one secretary so I was out. I wish I could say I figured it out then but it actually took a while longer and a few more rough patches but eventually poof I became what my kindergarten self always dreamed of. I was an artist.

I know you're thinking I thought you were a photographer. But did you know what photography means. It means painting with light. I still do my traditional painting as well but as far as a career goes I've traded in my paintbrush for a camera and my paints for light. But the rules I learned as an artist and my vision is still the same. And I put a piece of me in every photo I take. However if you want to see what I can do with a traditional brush then just click on my artwork tab.