My grandparents: a photo story

Family History Books

Meet my Grandparents. This photobook was a turning point for us and our family. And It was just the beginning. There are at least two more photo books that have followed and I have a few more planned. I went up to my Grandparent' house and scanned a few pictures and put them in a little flipbook. Nothing too fancy as you can see. I included no stories just a few titles. (on the original I did their names) and we passed a copy around to all of the kids.

It was like breaking down a dam the stories just started flowing. Every picture brought just one story after another. I should have had a recorder going but unfortunately, I didn't. Why hadn't these stories been shared before? I think some of them had but it had been hit or miss and one or two an reunion but this sparked something and got people talking and it's stayed. Every time this book is opened more stories flow out. How my grandparents meet...which lets just say it wasn't love at first sight. How they fell in love and the bumps in the road. The laughter, the sadness, the love, the joys, the heartaches all of that flowed from looking at these pictures. The images had been there all along but they were tucked in big books on shelves. This brought them to the table and we have enjoyed the fruits numerous times.

Wanna hear about my Grandparent's first meeting.....Read below

They meet at a hayride. At first glance, you would say Wow that's so romantic but it was not. There were two Barbaras on that trip. My grandma and her friend Barbara and well unlike my Grandma her friend was not being very nice. So needless to say my Grandpa was not impressed. Luckily They got another shot at love this time without the other Barbara and things went a lot better.

But isn't that how life works sometimes, our biggest blessings are often hidden by something we don't like. I can't say me and my husband started out real great either. The first time we meet was at my friend's reception. And I was certain no guy they were going to be worth my time cause I was older and wiser than most of the singles there. I was wrong but I didn't figure that out until about six years later.

What is your love story? Was it sunshine and roses or a rocky start?