My trip to the trash

One year photos

This is what happens when your Mom is a photographer.

It was a few minutes before bed which at our house is 7:30 and I put a few last items in the trash and headed out the door. As I rounded the bend there it was next to the old pallet a bush in full bloom. I raced to the bin deposited my trash and then headed inside to get my daughter. I just couldn't help it. :)

She was a little grumpy to have her clothes changed and a bow put on right before bed but well I just had to get those blossoms. In my defense if she really was very upset about it I wouldn't have done it cause I really have my limits and I try not to force my kids in front of the camera even if it's great lighting and dreamy pink blossoms. But as you can see from the pics she was okay. It was a short session since we were really pushing it but they turned out alright don't you think.