Photo Restoration
and color

YouPhoto Restoration

I love projects like this. They had this old photo that well as you can see had been well loved and was falling apart, I think it had been kept in a wallet cause it was just a small image. My husband has a photo like this in his wallet from my school picture days as a teacher. I wish I looked this elegant in it but that is not the case ha ha. DO you know how stressful picture day is as a teacher. You think it's intense getting one kid ready you should try a class. I remember one year that some kids were goofing off in the picture line and gave one kid a black eye or close to. Yep picture day is stressful. But anyhow when you have a picture that looks like this you want to keep it. :)

So first I scanned the image on my high resolution scanner at 1200 dpi. I just wanted to get a good clean image. Then the real work begins. I restored it in sepia, then black and white, then I added some color. I love all of them for different reasons but it's also just fun to have the options. Plus it was a fun surprise for my client when I presented more than just one restoration. I love doing little surprise like that free of charge cause clients are the reason I can do what I do and for that I am SO GRATEFUL!