I take your images from your dusty box to the outstretched hands of your children and grandchildren and all you need to do it wait.  You can meet with me and I can take your images and scan them, you can ship them to me, or you can scan them yourself at a high resolution and send them to me.  Then from there they go to restoration. 

Restoration: All images are scanned or you can send me your high resolution 600+ dpi scanned images.  All images then go through a process of color correction and restoration, images are clarified to restore images to their original luster then fine tuned to further define details to the face and background.  The image exposure is changed of various parts of the image to bring out as much information as possible and minor tares and scratches are repaired.  Color photos are then processed to brighten and restore colors and repaired to bring out the best and restore the images to their former self.  All repair work is done by hand and carefully and meticulously crafted so that none of your image is lost or distorted. All the scanned images are saved on a disc as well as the restored copies of the images. These images are then ready to be added to one of a kind photo album. If you have digital images of family members or vacations or other images those can also be restored and edited to showcase their best quality as well, color corrected and exposure adjusted to really bring our every detail of your valuable memories.  

Album design: Images are carefully selected and arranged in an album that most completely tells your story. All layouts are hand designed so that the data found in your images aren't cropped and altered to fit a template. Your story is unique and I think your album should be as well. I design my albums so that your images are the focus rather frills and clutter that detract from your story.  These layout and designs are then sent to you for approval before publishing.  All designs include 16-20 pages depending on your book selection but additional pages are available.  

Digital copies of the original scan and restored images are included with ever restoration and book purchase.  That way you have the original photo, original scan, digital restoration and a printed copy of each image as well as additional discs for each additional photo book to ensure that your images will be around forever. 

Restoration, hardcover book, and disc of images: $425 Additional copies are $50

Restoration, stain resistant hard pages, and disc of images: $460 additional copies are $70

Restoration, stain resistant hard pages, leatherette or photo cover: $490 additional copies $120

Just digitalization of images and restoration of up to 50 images: $350 

Individual Image restoration starts at $20 and are a case to case basis.  

If you have photos that you do not want to be edited or altered for any reason individual book design and printing is available. 

Hardcover: $160 additional copies $60 stain resistant hard pages: $180 additional copies $100 Leatherette or photo cover stain resistant hard pages: $250 additional copies $120 

Have something else in mind of have a question about an image feel free to call, text, or email me.  Individual custom packages and pricing is available.  If you are worried about an image being too far gone let me know and I can discuss with you your options.  You will be surprised what can be done.