Welcome to Carter Photography Price Guide:  

Welcome to the Carter Photography Price Guide I want everyone to have the fabulous images that they deserve so I try to keep my prices down as low as possible.  I just wanted to tell you a little about what you are getting with every shoot.  I come to every shoot with professional top of the line equipment.  Which means it can be low light, rain, or snow and you know I'm going to be able to capture your images.  I also always carry backups just in case my worse nightmare happens.  With that equipment that can preform in any type of weather you are all getting a photographer that can preform as well.  Weather in unpredictable so it's important to have the knowledge needed to get the photographs you want no matter what the circumstances. 

Not only do I have an extensive knowledge of photography and lighting but I have a lot of training in family relationships and children. I have experience teaching senior at a rest home, college age students, high school students, junior high and elementary students, preschool students all the way to six week old babies.  I spent years in a day care setting and years in a elementary school setting learning how to work with children and make them feel comfortable.  I have also worked with classrooms of special need students. 

Not only are you paying for my extensive photographic, human relations and artistic knowledge and backup equipment and knowledge.  You are also paying for who I am as a person.  Because as much use as formal training is that is only part of an image.  I have sketch books full of drawings I have done and I can tell you how I was feeling based on the way the drawing came together and how I was viewing life at the time. (I kept a better sketch book than a journal during my teenage years) As you have probably noticed through my images I love life.  Every moment is a gift to be treasured.  I love weddings, they are sacred and spiritual and breathtakingly beautiful.  They are the most common ceremony I shoot and most of them are religious and I love that they help me become closer to God and my spouse.  I pray before each session that all will go well and that I will be able to capture the images that will remind them of this love story and the magic of the day for years to come possibly when those feelings have seemed to fade on those stressful days and that my images can remind them of their commitment, covenants, and abounding love.  I feel like that same reminder can be found in every session I do.  

Portrait Packages (adults, children, newborns)

  • Price

    30 minute mini session- $75

    60 minute session- $100

    90 minute session-$175

    Custom estimates available Click this!

    Each session includes a 90 day online gallery, 25+ digital images and print release.

Family Portrait Packages

  • Price

    45-minute session- $125

    60-minute session- $150

    90-minute session-$175

    120-minute extended family session-$250


  • Price

    Engagements $175

    Bridals $175

    Formals $200

    1hr coverage $250

    2-4 hours $745

    4-8 hours $1,100

    Whole package: Engagements, Bridals, Formals, and unlimited wedding day coverage up to 14 hours $3,000

    *books and albums start at $75, prints are also available

*We do custom packages, as well as offer discounts to educators, veterans, and disabled so call or email to get a custom estimate. 

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