The power of Editing

Photo Editing

As a photographer one of the questions I get a lot is can I have all the images. And Honestly, I get it but here's a look at a few before and afters. And I'm here to tell you you don't want all the images. This little angel girl is mine. She's a joy and I wish I could photograph her every day. And well I do but I don't often pull out my big pro camera they are often phone snapshots. But I just wanted to share with you a few before and afters of when I do pull out my big camera and edit them to make them really show her personality. I try to be fairly light-handed with my editing but you'd be surprised what adjusting a few sliders can do. You may ask why it doesn't come out of the camera like that and well the answer is a little more complicated than you may think. I shoot in what they call raw. It's a format that gives me a bunch of raw data and I tell it what I want to do with that data. When you are shooting in auto your image is taking that data and figuring out what to do with it for you as best as it can then it deletes the info it didn't need and gives you an image. I set my camera not to do that, in fact, it doesn't even have an auto button cause it figures I want full control, it's right. But it means I can tell the data to get lighter warmer darker softer whatever I want and it will do it within reason. But you may be happy to hear that you too have some power to tell that data what to do even if you don't have a fancy camera that shoots in raw and an editing program. Your phone does a lot of fancy editing it's just a little more hit or miss. Some images you can click your filter on and it looks nice other times it looks awful but it doesn't mean it isn't worth a try and if you took a photo that you love and the filters just aren't fixing it but you want it to be better well you know where to find me.