Why I do what I do: 

First off I love it.  It gives me a chance to put my artistic and creative mind to good use.  I tried going without art in college and I was just going to focus on school....I ended up using my makeup brushes as paint brushes with a two dollar set of watercolors until I could go home for the weekend and get my real art supplies. I still paint and draw and I teach Art twice sometimes three times a week in an Elementary school in Kerns.  

Second of all I'm obsessed with family history and the ability photos have to tell a story and help us get to know someone.  I have always loved old photos.  As a child I would secretly get out the old photo albums and look at the images.  They let me get to know my parents in a different way as well as get to know those people I never meet.  I saw pictures of my great grandpa playing the violin and I felt a kinship to him because I play. I saw my grandparents in their wedding pictures and their wrinkles melted and I got to see them as young lovers rather than newspaper reading rocking chair sitters.  A whole new world was opened up in photos. A world that wasn't accessible any other way.  This is what made me fall in love with portraits.

 When I first started taking photos it was of pretty flowers and interesting shapes.  And It was fun to see how it helped people view the world differently.  But when I began seeing taking photos of people and seeing how that helped people view the world differently that is when I truly found my place.  It was as if the world I had walked into as a little girl was coming to life right before my eyes.  I was documenting stories, expressions and moments that years from now a little girl like me would secretly look at and get to know their family in ways they never thought possible.  And I will be the one who reminds the couple who just had their first fight that they are in love as the look at their wedding pictures on the wall. I will be the one who reminds a mother at 2 am that their baby does or did sleep at one time and just how precious that little one is.  I will be the one that captures that silly face that he always pulls when he tries to smile and the way she always has to have that pink bunny with her. These are the stories that as a photographer I long to tell, to preserve, to hold onto, to share with your generations to come.   

About me:

 I had been obsessed with photography since I caught the bug in high school fifteen years ago.  Back then it was film and a darkroom and although a lot has changed in the photography world since then what's required to create a great image is still the same. I officially opened business in 2012, after a grueling summer of second shooting with some of the best photographers across the state. I also have formal art training from BYU-Idaho and have been taking art and design classes since I was 8 years old. 

I have received multiply awards for my photography as well as being featured on multiple blogs and other sites. All of my images contain a part of me as well as apart of you. 

Here's some of the things you can expect to be captured in your pictures.  A love of the small details in the incredible world around us. An zeal for life and the unexpected and beautiful moments it offers.  A respect for nature. A reverence for love and relationships and the unexplainable joy that these offer. A love of people all people whether it's the whiny kid at the grocery store or the man at the street corner they are beautiful. I believe every face hold a story a beauty and an image that is begging to be captured.  I live for those candid giggles, shy glances, stolen kisses, and unexpected turns that make life interesting.