Once you add another member of the family to the group you instantly feel like your family photos are outdated and let’s be honest they are but planning family photos with a new baby is far from easy. Here’s a few tips to help.

1. Wear fitted clothing. You the baby and the whole family. Babies like to grab things and so your scarf that worked so well the last time may end up being pulled into the gaping mouth of the newest addition. Also babies tend to squirm around a bit so a loose fitting jacket on their small frame tends to push up towards their ears think scared turtle which although your baby is adorable no matter what this is probably a look you should avoid.

2. Watch your colors-Your looking for colors that complement each other but don’t blend in. Your baby is going to be held in every shot. If you wear the same shade as your child you end up with a baby with a floating head because everything else blends together. Also when choosing your outfit and theirs try to find one that isn’t super obvious when wet. Babies chew and drool on everything and that included their outfit and anyone planning on holding that child.

3. Bring a neutral colored blanket-This is great is you want any sort of solo shots as well as for keeping the kid out of the cold and out of the sun. Choose a blanket that isn’t going to stand out in photos such as a neutral solid color.

4. Bring a pacifier- I know you bring one everywhere you go and for good reason just make sure you bring one.

5. Bring an extra outfit- accidents happen so when you are packing that diaper bag full of what ifs toss in an extra outfit for the baby and at least an extra shirt for you. Between diaper blowout and spit up the chances are pretty high you’re going to need it.

6. Bring your car seat- I know it will be in the car however it’s nice to have so you can get a few photos of just you as parents. Your kids want to see pictures of their parents in love framed on the wall. It makes a bigger difference that you will ever know.

7. Have fun! I’ve been there planning photos with a baby is all the sudden more stressful so relax breathe and go with the flow. There’s not reason to worry about it too much because guess what you have no control. Baby feeling grumpy that day well that’s just how it goes.

8. Nap, feed, bottle, blanket- You do the best you can and there’s a lot you can’t control but there are a few things you can control so make sure that your baby isn’t overly tired, starving, or cold.

9. Toys and treats- You can bring them but please keep it simple. A soft teddy bear is great a bright plastic toy that lights up and makes noise is well better left at home unless you plan on using it to get their attention behind the lense.

10. Getting the attention behind the lense--JUST DON’T I know I know you want to oh how you want to but I can’t tell you the many many times that the kid looks adorable and is smiling...but not at the camera. And a million people yelling and screaming only increases that.

Lastly……don’t expect perfection. These are family photos they aren’t going to be perfect. So breathe also make time for you and your husband in front of the lense. You guys were the reason these little ones are here so take time to celebrate that bond.