What I would change about my wedding

Wedding tips

Okay first of all lets talk about what I wouldn't change.

1. My husband-He's the perfect one for me

2. The place- Salt lake temple just fit us and it was a significant place for us both

3. Reception the day before- I know it's weird but I loved it. We had a huge turn out for our reception and we loved it. We said good bye and the next day it was just a small intimate group for the wedding and luncheon and we were on our honeymoon by mid afternoon.

4. We invited everyone- Both of us had been single longer than we wanted and had gotten to know a ton of people and they meant the world to us. So we invited them. I think we had 400 people and it was fantastic.

5. we kept it cheap- Had it at a church, served parfaits. stayed under budget even with a lot of people

6. I loved my dress

7. We did formal wedding pictures ahead of time with good lighting

8. I had someone else do my hair for my wedding. And she was the best.

9. I did my own bouquet and gave it personalized touches just for me

10. We had a grooms cake that was a surprise for my husband and it made him feel really special

Okay now here's what I would change.

1. Longer reception- We didn't get to talk to everyone

2. I have NO PICTURES OF MY 400 guests. Okay I lied I have like three. It makes me want to cry every time I think about it. Not sure what my photographer was doing during that like three hours but it wasn't taking photos of those I love. We got good ones of our first dance, cake cutting etc. But our guests are seriously missing.

3. Were missing a few key photos at the temple with our family. Some were just out of focus, and I know it's really hard to fit it all in. I used to shoot only weddings and It's really crazy but it does make me sad a bit so I wish she had just snapped two photos of everything just to be sure.

4. My photographer cut off the wedding line so we could dance. I didn't know it until later and I feel bad that I never got to see everyone.

5. Okay this one is hard to type cause I seriously loved my dress but it was a good chunk on change and I think I would have borrowed or rented or something cause well I'm not sure what to do with it now even though I really loved it.

6. Been better at thank you cards. We wrote them they just didn't end up sent. I still have them but I feel silly four years later. So I kinda just look at them and remember how incredibly blessed we were.

Oh and juts to clarify my photographer was excellent. I loved her. And her images were really good I just wished a few things were a little different. That being said look at some of the amazing shots she got. :)

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