1. Carpet- If you have the option go for carpet. I know the wood floor is all shiny but that's the problem it reflects and when I say it reflects I mean that yellowy color touches everything it sees.

2. Control the light- Look for ways that you can control the light. Do all the lights go off, just some of them, is there any natural light, skylights or windows? Where are the plugs located? Is there hooks on the walls that you could use for lights?

3. Room size- Is it big enough to fit everyone but not so big that it looks empty? If it's too big can you do something to petition it off so it is smaller and can feel more intimate?

4. Colors- I know you're probably not going to find something that fits your color scheme. However there's a few colors that really clash when put together that you need to watch out for. If you carpet is that vintage orange you may want to think about it before you choose hot pink table clothes....which honestly I'd discourage anyhow. The more nutrual and subtle you go the more you as a bride stand out and there's far less color caste stuff to worry about.

5. Basket ball hoops- the bane of all cultral hall receptions. what do you do with them? Do they go up, some do it's fantastic. Can you somehow incorporate them into your decor, add a bunch of white balloons add a chandileir, add a hanging flower arrangement, or just embrace them and pretend they aren't there.

6. tables- do they have enough of the kind of tables you want or are you going to have to do a mix of round table and rectangle. what kind of an arrangement do you want to have. With photos isn't nicec to have the tables clustered and some open area for dancing and the line instead of having tables involved in every shot.

7. Kitchen Location- is the kitchen next to the gym? Does it have a opening into the gym or do you have to go through some doors? and is it located near a main enterance people will go through or is there a way to reroute guests to leave the area free for food services?

8. Setting up- Can you set up the night before, or do you need to somehow make time in your day to set up before the reception. This is a big one, if you can't set up before the day of then hire someone or recruit a lot of help. Personally I just did the reception the day before the wedding a little unorthadox I know but honestly it was wonderful. We stressed out the day before getting everything perfect. The day of my wedding I got up got ready. We got married. Then we went out to lunch said goodbye to family and friends and then we were out of there. No waiting in line until you are just about ready to collapse on my wedding night....just the night before. We got to really just focus on the temple part and just being together.

9. Natural light- So I know it probably won't happen but ideally the building should have somewhere with a little natural light. Just for a few pictures of you and your spouse.

10. Backdrops- okay if you want it to look like a reception center surprise it won't but a backdrop does help draw the focus from the basketball standard and on to the couple. But when you considering your options know that's all it needs to do is draw your attention in it doesn't need to cover up all the brick or reach the ceiling it just needs to highlight you and your spouse. I used a metal heart that has been in my family for generations my guess is you won't have that option. My sister used a garden arch, my other sister used a folding panel blind and some sparkly lights. I've seen arches, chandlers, plants, flower walls anything that just brings the focus a little bit more on you and gives it a more intimate feel works great.

I know that LDS cultural hall isn't ideal for everyone. But well the building is cheap. I was able to use the decorations in my home which not only is a reminder of my wedding but they look nice as well and I gained a bunch of memories along the way. What groom gets to shoot balloons down with a bb gun while setting up for their reception? Not many ;)